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nerdork_icons's Journal

Icons by NERDORK
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Welcome to nerdork_icons, where nerdork posts icons. (I know; the community name is so misleading.)

I mainly post comedy and classic rock icons, but I also occasionally post batches based on other things I like. (And, sometimes, even things I don't like.) If you want to see the icons I've already made, check out the tags or memories, where each icon post is categorized by subject.

Be sure to read the FAQ/Guidelines post if this is your first time here. And take any icons you like! Comments are always appreciated; credit is totally optional.

Subject-specific icon communities I moderate:
kith_icons (The Kids in the Hall)
swc_icons (Strangers With Candy)
tcr_images (The Colbert Report)
veronica_icons (Veronica Mars)

Affiliated with: awesomeliekme, aye_cons, britvasionicons, dandizette, editionsofyou, ferdicon, gaslight_icons, iconnoir, little_reata, oxmotic_icons, robinson_affair, rocker_graphics, scummys

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