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3/13/11 12:21 pm - nerdork - TV: Veronica Mars; TV: Community

Twelve icons each from Veronica Mars and Community. I apologize in advance for the ridiculous use of Kanye lyrics!

Oh my God, my life is Degrassi High!Collapse )

12/10/10 01:53 pm - nerdork - TV: Fringe

32 icons from Fringe's first season ("The No-Brainer", "The Transformation", "Unleashed").

In shocking news, I like Kirk Acevedo.Collapse )

11/21/10 08:52 pm - nerdork - Misc: Ken Russell

12 icons from Ken Russell's teddy girl photographs.

+9Collapse )

10/20/10 04:14 pm - nerdork - TV: Community

24 icons from the first season of Community! I think I like Abed a little.

I hope I get multiple personalities. I get lonely during long showers.Collapse )

8/19/10 08:05 pm - nerdork - Challenges: character20n20; TV: Oz

20 Miguel Alvarez icons for this month's character20n20 challenge.

Be all that you can be.Collapse )

7/8/10 04:12 am - nerdork - TV: Wonderfalls

Some icons from the first four episodes of Wonderfalls.

What are your feelings on beer?Collapse )

5/17/10 04:09 pm - nerdork - TV: Oz

44 icons from the first season of Oz.

Brick by hypocritical brick.Collapse )

3/2/10 12:14 am - nerdork - TV: Oz

One of these days, I'll post icons that AREN'T from the middle seasons. ONE OF THESE DAYS.


1/20/10 04:06 am - nerdork - TV: Oz

More Oz icons! From the third and fourth seasons.

We got the same color green running through our veins.Collapse )

12/22/09 03:32 am - nerdork - TV: Oz

Oz icons from "A Town Without Pity" and "You Bet Your Life." Mostly Said and Adebisi.

With some Catholics thrown in for good measure.Collapse )
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